Could not load network resources- persistent

Hi Gliders,

Is anyone facing ‘could not load network resources’ issue? Usually a refresh would work for me but it has been persistent today.

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Me :raising_hand_man:

Can you share your glideapp url if you like? I want to try if I also experience this issue in your app

I have also made a similar report on this issue, and it is currently being analyzed by the glide team.

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If it’s ok, feel free to share your app link here as well so we can test. Thank you!

the address is a deeplink

it works now but i was pretty sure it was down for some time.

I’m facing this issue on trying to open - the glide dashboard. not any specific apps. I’ve tried chrome, brave, and Safari.

4days now with this problem. Please advise …

May us know where are you located? Have you tried clearing the Chrome cache?