"Could not load network resources" - I need help

First of all, I must say, that your service/product is truly amazing. I am even planning to get certified. Sadly, I feel somewhat disappointed with this “Could not load network resources” issue. Yes, deleting the cache and taking several other actions will resolve the issue, but I don’t think users would fancy doing that daily or perhaps each time they try running my app. I noticed here in the community that it is truly an issue that must be resolved permanently.

Having put together the app elements, deploying the app to individuals who aren’t tech-inclined, and then having them deal with such an issue is so much a roadblock that just makes using Glideapp a hassle.

With the understanding that this issue is common, what actions do you think I should take to make sure such an issue is dealt with permanently or at least is at the bearest minimum?

I am on an extremely fast 5G network, with AndroidOS and iOS devices updated to the latest operating system, and with browsers that are updated regularly. This issue happens whenever I try loading my app as an installed app (saved on the home screen), or whenever I try editing the app from a browser-saved state (pinned tab). I have not yet experienced the issue when loading it from a browser, using it as an installed app is preferred.

I hope this offers a little insight on how to resolve my(our) issue.

I have only ever experienced this when I literally don’t have cell reception. And I have installed all my apps on android and OS

What does your speedtest show? speedtest.net

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Yeah, I can recall this happening to me when my network isn’t stable. Otherwise I can’t think of a reason.

Hello Myles,
I had considered that before coming to the community for a solution. I have used several ISPs including the well-known StarLink, and with the same issues. Anyways, this is a screen grab of my speedtest.

It could be a network routing issue rather than a bandwidth problem.
You could try connecting to a VPN and see if the behaviour is any different. This is not a suggested fix, but rather a troubleshooting step. Connecting to a VPN will change the network route, so if that “fixes” the problem, it would suggest that network routing is indeed the issue.

Yes, it hardly happens whenever I am on a VPN. Utilizing VPN on all devices isn’t feasible at the moment. Plus, since I have decided to invest in Glideapps (by getting certified), promoting and offering it as a service to my prospective clients, I wanted to know as much information as I can get about it so that in a situation where I have future clients complaining about it, I would know what actions to take.

So, your know-how about this issue is really important to me.

Change the wifi, or disconnect and reconnect. It happens to me too and this solves it.


What country are you in? thank you for providing speed test results so we can eliminate that issue.

Presently, I am in Nigeria. Side note, the Houthis group did cut our undersea cable which affected a lot of Country networks within West Africa, but my ISP wasn’t affected. I switched to StarLink to be sure, and the issue was still re-occurring but didn’t whenever I cleared my cache, this I understand, in addition to changing wifi.

But what can I do to avoid it in the first place or keep it at the minimum?

You indicated that a VPN was solving the issue, that tells me that there is something in the network infrastructure locally/federally that is blocking the app from loading. You should utilize a VPN in this instance then for sure and find a way to make it possible on your clients platforms, I believe that the higher ups there are blocking some of the network requirements for glide apps in your country, can you check with others in the area that use glide?

Not directly related article below, but still shows what can happen in the jet wash:

Yes, the article is not directly related, and I understand the reason for the share.
Alright, so far, what I have learned in managing the issue is by doing the following:

  1. Using VPN when possible.
  2. Signing out of the app when idle.
  3. Network Stability
  4. Cache Clearing

Handling the issue on my device isn’t much of an issue, but as I plan on deploying the app to a staff of 80 persons, the last thing I need is facing the issue repeatedly from about 80 of them without a practical solution would mess up my day.

Thank you all for the tips.

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Okay, so it sounds like it is a routing issue.

It would be possible using a tool such as traceroute or mtr to trace the path and identify where the weak link is. You could then attempt to contact the ISP involved and request a better route. Some ISP’s are responsive to such requests, and some are not.


I’ll give that a try.
Thank you.