Cannot rename "Favorites" List Label

Not sure if anyone else has been experiencing this issue, but I have loaded multiple apps and tried to rename the “Favorite” Label and the “Favorites” List Label. The Label renames successfully, however the List Label does not (it just stays labeled as “Favorites”). This only appears to be occurring on newly created apps, as my older apps (that were successfully renamed in the past) are not experiencing this issue.

Things I’ve tried with no success…

  1. Removing the “Favorite” component, then re-adding it.
  2. Renaming the List Label, then completely backing out of Glide, signing out, clearing cache/history/cookies, then logging back in.
  3. Creating multiple new apps (from templates, as well as from Google Sheets) to test this issue in a variety of scenarios.
  4. Tried doing all of the above while using different browsers.

Possibly the same issue as this.

Yes, @MikkoJervoso appears to be experiencing the same issue as I am. Thanks for linking to his post.

Any update on this issue?

Not sure if it has been mentioned in another post, but this issue has now been fixed by Glide.