Clicking favorite icon changes the person

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Clicking the favorite icon is behaving weird. When you click it instead of marking it as a favorite, it changes the person under the icon, continue to click it and it continues to cycle through users.

Are you filtering your screen by the isfavorites flag? What’s the difference between clicking and marking?

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Like @Jeff_Hager says, you’ve set a filter on “Is Favorited” in the Inline List:



Hi, thanks this worked on the favorite issue. I just removed it. However, now my people that were showing up in proper categories are no longer displaying properly in categories. I do not know if this effected it or not. Is there a way to see changes in glide that are associated with the undo? The google sheets rollback is really hard to find as it creates a new sheet every time it refreshes. :grimacing:

Did you use the undo, or just delete the filter? Why are you trying to roll back the actual sheet?

I just deleted the filter, then when navigating around I noticed the other stuff was off. So I did selected undo, but it is still the same. I dont know how many changes ago I messed it up, so I was wondering if I could view what I did somewhere.

Not that I’m aware of.