Multiple bugs around "Favorites"

Reproduce Bugs:

  • Create Glide Sheet
  • Tile or Card List View
  • Add “favorite button overlay”

Now the “All / Favorites” header is displayed but we no longer want a “Favorite” feature so:

  • Remove “favorite button overlay”

The “All / Favorites” header remains though there is no “Favorite” feature within the app besides the “Is Favorited?” column.

  • BUG #1 ^

  • Delete the “Is Favorited?” column from the glide sheet

The “All / Favorites” header remains though there is no “Is Favorited?” column in the sheet.

  • BUG #2 ^

  • Delete the tab and add it back

The “All / Favorites” header is gone now.

Now, it seems we can no longer have favorites associated with that glide sheet even if we add the button overlay back or a favorite component inside the detail view of a list item?

  • BUG #3 ^

  • Adding a “favorite button overlay” no longer displays a heart
  • Adding a favorite component only yields “Error” in the detail view.

Will there be a fix for this soon?

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This is annoying…


@Jonathon_Kohn Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was not able to reproduce the bug #1 issue but I was able to get myself to a place where after removing the column “Is favorited” I could not get it to automatically come back. It seems that Glide does have some underlying code that is retaining certain parts of the Favorite data an in other cases maybe not.

Please create a support case,, so the Glide Support Team has a placeholder to work the issue with engineering. I will do some further testing myself and then present the issue to engineering via the support case.



@Jonathon_Kohn It seems that all of these issues are related to the “Is Favorite” column being deleted. We are going to make a change so that that column, once added automatically by the system, can not be deleted. That should remedy the issues. It should make it into one of our releases next week baring any other issue that may arise during testing.


This is wonderful news. Can you see to it that if there is no favorite component, overlay button or component on detail screen, the “all/favorites” header would disappear instead of being forced to delete and recreate an entire tap or inline list?

Are there any plans on allowing once deleted “is favorite” columns to be added back automatically when a favorite component is added?

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I am not aware of any plans for that.