Missing Component Label Editor

Unable to edit the component label after the component has been added. I noticed it yesterday. Normally there is a little window that allows editing of the component label but it doesn’t show anymore. It only shows at the time of adding the component but is not available after the component has been added.

The right panel scrolls. The “Label” edit field is at the top.

Hmm, why would it show on your end and not on mine?
Its not at the top neither at the bottom. I’m very familiar with this feature and its usually not a hard feature to find.

It disappeared yesterday. What can I do on my end to fix this?

Oh, that is odd! Could you please share your app and tell me exactly where that inline list is?

for me it does not appear either. is it because we use free?

I noticed that if you create a new one again appears the title option, but what is already there does not appear.

Thanks for the confirmation @Alex_Calandrino, I have a pro account, so I don’t believe it has to do with a free account.

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If it’s urgent, delete the component and create again, for me it worked

Yes, that’s what I had to do, Thanks for your feedback.

I pretty much use all the settings on my component. Sort, Filter, Visibility, and all the various settings in the Grid layout. So its a pain to have to redo all this each time when I change my mind on the label.

I should just simply be able to give the component a new label and that’s it.
Hopefully this can be solved soon.

I noticed however on the sample apps that I don’t have this problem. I’m wondering if the app start to glitch when we reach a certain level of complexity.

Are you seeing the trouble in what you would call simple app, or does your app have a lot of components tweaked and added. @Alex_Calandrino

Us simple

Try changing the format (i.e. Tiles to List). You should be able to keep your filters, and the title box should also reappear then.

@zzoldan thanks for your feedback. Whenever I move from Grid to List all my grid settings are reverted and erased.

The good thing is that the grid view has now become the best layout feature and it allows a lot of visual tweaking. Glide has not yet allowed users to Undo mistakes, or revert to the previous state.

Hopefully, they will allow the Grid’s Lable to be edited after creation

Glide has fixed this bug…

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