Custom favorite label not displaying outside of builder

Hello. Experiencing similar issues to what is described in the posts linked to below. I’ve created a favorites component that toggles between Add to… and Remove from… favorites based on visibility (true or not true).

  • Both components use the exact same category name My Markets.
  • This custom label appears in the Glide builder, but doesn’t appear on either the app’s share page or in the app itself. Instead, the label in these two instances still says Favorites.
  • Similar to the related posts below, I’ve done troubleshooting that includes: 1) removing the “Favorite” component, then re-adding it; 2) renaming the Category, then completely backing out of Glide, signing out, clearing cache/history/cookies, then logging back in; 3) creating multiple new apps (from templates, as well as from Google Sheets) to test this issue in a variety of scenarios; 4) tried doing all of the above while using different browser.

Is anyone else currently experiencing this issue or is aware of any related bugs right now? Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated. Thx!