Custom List Label reverted back to 'Favorites' and won't update to the custom


Sorry in advance if this isn’t bug, maybe I’m just missing something. I’m recently having an issue with the custom List Label.

I have a custom List Label for items marked as a Favorite and it wouldn’t change however many times I change it. This started when I enabled editing for users for certain things. This also started happening when I tried putting the Button Overlay on my lists. My custom List Label changed back to ‘Favorites’.

I noticed this first when I tried the Button Overlay and was able to undo it. However, when I enabled editing for users, I didn’t notice it defaulted back to ‘Favorites’ and it was too late to undo. Now it’s not updating to the custom one no matter how many times I try.

Thank you

What component are you referring to when you say “custom List Label”? Do you mean the 2 labels that you can edit on a Favorite component? Also what do you mean by “Button Overlay”. If you post a video of the problem that may help me understand the issue better.

Hi George,

Thank you for responding. Yes, the 2 labels that you edit on a Favorite component.

I included a video here:

I use two tabs for female/male caregivers. Both tabs has a favorite component labeled as ‘My Caregivers’ if ‘Marked as my CG’ (favorited). On the female tab, it shows ‘Favorites’ even though I have it labeled as ‘My Caregivers’ but Male has the correct one. I’ve tried different words and tried to delete it and re-add the component but still the same.

On the female tab, where I started having the issue, the label now doesn’t update even when changed. On the male tab, it does since when I encountered the issue I was able to undo. For the female tab, I didn’t notice it until later.

Button Overlay:

Thank you so much for you help

I assume that both the Male and Female pages are using the same Sheet with different filters? Please send the app link to me in a private message so the Glide team can have a look from the back end.

It’s actually 2 different sheets. I’ve made this app quite some time ago and was new to glide then. I didn’t know I can have all the data in one sheet back then.

Unfortunately, my app contains a lot of personal information of caregivers and I’m not able to share to keep their information private. I’ve made this app as a mobile alternative of our CRM.

I’ve made the same exact replica of my app with only a few sample ‘caregivers’ but it’s also having the same issue:

The List Label is still not changing to anything, only the default label - Favorites. It’s also now having an issue with favorited items. It includes other ‘caregivers’ to favorites even if they’re not marked as favorite. Then, it sometimes takes that item off of ALL then sometimes it comes back.

Video here:

Thank you

We’ll look at it. Thank you!

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I am experiencing the same issue with the “Favorites” List Label not being able to be renamed.

I have the same problem in my app

Any update on this?

I am also experiencing the same issue with the “Favorites” List Label not being able to be renamed.

It used to work, but recently it is not.

Also, whenever you click the ‘Favorite’ tab, the right side panel in Glide displays ‘No configuration’ and doesn’t show any options to customise anything in the Favorite tab.

Very frustrating, especially as we’re paying for Pro and we need to rename the Favorites tab.

I tried several ways to change the list label for Favorites, in one try it did make the change, but then when I went back to review it, it reverted back to ‘FAVORITES’.

The temporary change happened when I directly typed the new name in the field in the screen component list


You should be able to change in directly in the Favorite component’s settings.


Totally agree, per documentation. I tried that, but not effecting the change in the app, did the typical refresh and try again, etc. Got it to stick once, but then reverted back to ‘FAVORITE’.


Have you ever played around with your layouts, like switching from a List Style layout to a Details style layout and back again? I can duplicate the issue if I do that, but if I go and reset the List Label, then it updates on the list itself.

crazy, I went to try what you outlined and NOW my earlier list name change that did not take, is there…interesting, so for now, it’s resolved…I’ll look at it another day to see if it’s still holds.

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