Display Component Labels for Buttons, Separators

Hey there, I added this to the Feature Request Glide app but thought I’d add it here too to see if there’s other Glide app creators that want this feature too.


As you can see from the screenshot, I have multiple button components added but no way of distinguishing between them, unless I click on the component and view the label that I’ve entered in for that particular component. I have filters set up on each of them to display for the user in certain circumstances. If a Glide creator creates enough of these, they could waste a lot of time trying to figure out which is which.

Seems like this would be an easy feature to implement, given that the Glide creator is already entering a label for the button that tells the user what happens when they click on the button.

Could you make those labels viewable for Glide creators so that we can distinguish between multiple buttons or separators without having to click on them?

If you think this is a great feature, like this post and reply. :slightly_smiling_face:


You know, I’ve always just chocked this up as an inconvenience…never thought to make this a feature request. Would love this!


This is a good idea; I too, never really thought about it. I have noticed that when I hover over a component in a similar screen like yours, a green dot appears on the right side of the app interface. Not sure if that helps until if and when the Glide team thinks this is a worthy request.

@spencerb, @Robert_Petitto, ask and and you shall receive! Wish granted. Thanks Glide Team!


NICE! Is that live or in staging?

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Wow thats very fast, its now live? Please see the most import featured to develop scalable apps

This is indeed live. I noticed it while I was editing one of my already published apps.

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Yeah, I guess it’s been there for a day or two (or three)…it was such a subtle and natural UI change that I didn’t even notice it’s arrival. Super helpful though…especially with Rich text.

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Awesome!! You guys are the best! On behalf of all Gliders worldwide, we thank you! Keep up the great work!

Hmmmm, it’s not showing up for me, even after refreshing the page.

Seems to only work on Form Buttons, Text and Inline List components. I’ve yet to test other components.

Oh ok, great! Yeah, nothing for regular buttons or separators yet, but hopefully it’s coming soon.

I would assume that Separator components wouldn’t need them, cuz they’re pretty self-explanatory. I do agree on regular Button components though.

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You can rename your components now.

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