Choice Component incomplete action

Hi friend, im really glad to join glide almos every days since I decovered, but theres a MAIN reason that I cant complete a very good app to after go to pro, the choise option its no available to record the id, only record the data of the colum for example

id | Category
1 Room
2 Kitchen
3 Garden

If you use the choice option, the user need to see the category label, but in the sheet record the id.

Thats not happen, if the user see the category label, the category label will save in the record, and if some momment you change the name, you will loose all the relation with that category.

please let me know if theres a WAY because I didnt see it

Thanks a lot

Your exactly right. This has been a feature request of mine for a while. Please go to the feature request app and upvote:

A new home for Glide Feature Requests

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Thanks for your suppport, think this will be the most import feature request because make it very complex achieve very scalable apps.

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