Relational data in the app should use Unique Key / Row ID as choice value

I have the following challenge which prevents me from taking the app to the next level and grow the user base: I need users to establish relationships between each other and other entities (e.g.) groups and the most sensible way to achieve a nice user experience is to use the Choice selection.

The problem is that the Choice component does not differentiate between the display label and the value stored in the sheet. It’s the same. So, when I display a range of other users I display their names in the selection and the name is what gets stored in the underlying sheet.
Now, if the user changes their name, the referential integrity of that relationship is broken.

Glide should allow more configurability in the Choice component to select which value is used for display in the list (Name) and which value gets stored upon selection (e.g. UUID). Just like a choice component in HTML that distinguishes between the label and the underlying value that gets transmitted.

If there are any ideas how to work around this, I’d be all ears, but I was not able to conceive of a solution to this problem.


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Both @Jeff_Hager and I have requested this too.

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Done. Thanks, Robert!

I just found out today that this was now implemented and is already available in the app! No announcement?

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager! I missed that in announcements.

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