Choice displaying Name, but to populate Unique Identifier to target field


Can we set a choice containing a list of components’ value, and when it’s chosen, to populate the component’s Unique Identifier?

Product sheet has Product ID (Unique Identifier) and Product Name.

From Order Line Items screen, we display a Choice component to user.
The Choice component will display list of Product Name.
When a Product Name is clicked, Choice component will populate the corresponding Product ID to the field.

Currently, I find that I have to display Product ID to populate the Product ID to the field.
How to set Choice to display list of Product Name, however when clicked, to populate Product ID to the field?
Please kindly advise?

Thank you


Yes, I have a couple of app ideas that I’m waiting for something like this. It has been requested before. You can use a lookup column in the data tab or a vlookup in the sheet to get the UUID of the product name, but if you would ever change the product name, the lookup would stop working for older records. I think we need a feature like this. It’s fundamental to any dropdown on web and PC apps, so it makes sense that the choice component should work the same.