Need Plain English Explanation of Unique identifier

I feel like I am understanding most of what glide offers (and how I would use it) except now the Unique Identifier.

Can someone give me the basic explanation on what it is/does but most of all why I would use it in the most basic way?

I have read the announcement and the tweet but am not real sure what it is. (I did read a couple of replies on twitter that asked the same thing.)

Anyone wanna offer a 1-2 sentence WHY?

For me I have a sheet of students and another sheet with tests. Right now I use their name for the relation between sheets. If for some reason I need to change the students name (misspelled initially, or some other change required), on the main students sheet, then I would break the relation to the tests sheet. If I assign a unique identifier (which will never need to change), then I can can change anything in my students or tests sheets (such as name) and I will never lose my relation link between the two.


But, can I use this Unique ID when I’m adding a new test, for example, without using form and special values, but just using a direct new test and a choice component? The question is: can I use choice component to choose a name, but in back end it put the Unique ID to create a relation?
I have this scenario because I have some itens that are connected to more than one sheet and it’s not always necessary this connection.

@marcovrj Currently no, but there may be a workaround depending on your situation.