Special Value Unique Identifier not working

My app’s URL: https://9oioy.glideapp.io

Hi everyone,
Since the unique I’d special value has first been announced and then released, I’ve been really excited to use it for an app I’m building.

I tried to recreate this app made by the Glide team: https://lbb4i.glideapp.io/ but it’s not working for me.

I keep running into the following issue (and have been for the past 2 days😣):

When adding items that go into sheet 1, a unique id is created.
When using the form to add items into sheet2, a different unique id is created, making relations between the two tabs in my spreadsheet impossible.

Thanks for your help!! :raised_hands:

If you want the same unique value in your second sheet, you have to use the Column Value column that contains the unique id in the first sheet. If you use the Unique ID Special Value, it will always be different because that’s how UUID/ GUID ID’s work.

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@Karim a unique ID is unique, every time it’s created.

Can you please carefully explain how you thought it was supposed to work so I can understand the confusion better?

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Similar to the “Current Date/Time” special value, which is the current time whenever it’s used.

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Once again, thanks a lot Jeff for your quick and right response!

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Hi @david,

First of all, I need to buy better glasses since, if I had paid exact attention to the templates I would have seen that I needed to use a columns component :sweat_smile:

Secondly, I think the confusion came from the difference between creating a unique id and using an existing unique id.
For whatever reason I thought Glide with the special value component would just automatically tell the difference between me wanting to create a unique id and then using that existing id (obviously not possible).

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! :raised_hands:

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