Custom List Label reverted back to 'Favorites' and won't update to the custom

It’s actually 2 different sheets. I’ve made this app quite some time ago and was new to glide then. I didn’t know I can have all the data in one sheet back then.

Unfortunately, my app contains a lot of personal information of caregivers and I’m not able to share to keep their information private. I’ve made this app as a mobile alternative of our CRM.

I’ve made the same exact replica of my app with only a few sample ‘caregivers’ but it’s also having the same issue:

The List Label is still not changing to anything, only the default label - Favorites. It’s also now having an issue with favorited items. It includes other ‘caregivers’ to favorites even if they’re not marked as favorite. Then, it sometimes takes that item off of ALL then sometimes it comes back.

Video here:

Thank you