App opens to blank screen and does not load

My app’s URL:

My app hasn’t been loading on my iphone 7 all morning. It loads to my laptop, but not the phone. I tried wifi and 4G and no luck. Never had a problem until today. Any ideas?

I have the same problem today with 3 of my APPs.

On my iPhone using Safari these are loaded ok but by using the icon on desktop, my APPs are not loaded!

Please tell us your iOS version number and country.

Software version: 12.4.8 (iPhone 6 Plus), I’m in Venezuela.

Let me test the problem on other iPhones to narrow this problem source.


iOS 13.3
Iphone 7
United States

I check with a few users, two iphone users and one android user has apps that are loading fine this morning. The android user is in my house and using our wifi, so its not a local service provider issue. Must be my phone, but again this has never happened before. I’ve tried restarting my phone, and restarting the app, and erasing from my homescreen. Still not loading.

Try using other APPs not created by you (your email account)

I’m testing with other APPs randomly and these are working fine but my own APPs have problems.

Keep searching!

Hi @david
I have the same problem with an iPhone 5s, 12.4.5 version, in France.
The app doesn’t want to open,
See you,

I already tested on phones:

  • iPhone Xr v13.6.1
  • iPhone 7 v13.6.1

And everything works fine but I still have the problem on my one.

Hi @Errcomp,

Your APP works fine on my iPhone FYI …

I was able to get it working again! I went to Reset Network Settings on the iPhone. Here’s how:

Now everything is working ok!. I didn’t touch anything

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We’ve had some issues with Google services this week, and made some changes to improve performance worldwide.


It was working fine again until 3:30pm today. Not reloading again. I tried Resetting Network Settings in the iphone 7, but no success. Another android in the house if working, and the desktop version is accessible.

Yes. The same. Working ok in desktop

Anyone else experience very slow loading since yesterday?

My app is still not loading today on my iphone 7. I tried resetting all settings and upgarding the iOS. Any ideas?

I was really excited today when the app started loading again, and then it stopped this afternoon :frowning: That’s three days now of spotty access. I haven’t heard of any issues from the 80 users users I have, but they are public people and not totally engaged so they would probably just ditch the app than email me to tell me. I’m worried connection will be too spotty and if people have a little glitch they will stop using it. Unless there is something I’m doing wrong in the app or it’s just my phone I feel like the reliability is going to hinder growing the usership and ultimately monetizing it :frowning: Any suggestions???

I just noticed that my free app loads, it’s just all my pro apps that won’t.

Can you load the app in any browser on your phone? Chrome?

And the app works on all other devices you test?