App not opening in IOS


Suddenly my app stopped working, I’ve updated the link on the device but it doesn’t work.
Get stuck in a white screen.

Any idea what it might be?


Please share your app link.


I have just opened your app via the link on iOS and it works.

Perhaps it was a temporary issue? If your still having problems maybe force close the app and restart?

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it´s not open in Iphone 6 and 7… Iphone 11 is ok.

Are the old phones using the required operating system?

Yes, the Iphone 6 and 7 have the IOS updated

This happens to me occasionally on ALL of my apps. It goes away after you force close the app and reopen it. But definitely a bug that’s been around for a while. For me, it happens when reopening the app after not being on it for a few days.

Same is happening for my iphone7, and I just upgraded to 14.6. As of yesterday I get a white screenwhen opening any glide app. None of my app users have reported this issue so far

A variety of my app users are reporting the issue… not all, but enough that it’s disconcerting. Nothing they do gets them into the app (not closing out the app, not restarting the phone, not deleting the bookmark and re adding) and if they go to the app url (a custom domain for my app) it tells them it can’t connect to the server. Some of these folks are on newer phones, and the only thing that got them back in the app was updating their iOS from 13 to 14. Those who don’t do that update are still completely unable to access the app. This began happening yesterday.

I can’t see your APP either! I am using v12.5.4

Yeah, our team has been able to replicate the issue on phones with iOS earlier than 14 but later than 11 (Glide’s stated minimum requirements)

I actually just successfully upgraded to ioS 14.6 and this resolved (previously I thought i did but there was an error while upgrading). So it appears this is happening for older iOS than 14. However, I haven’t heard yet from any of my app users that they are having this problem. @John_Cabrera are all of your users with older iOS versions having this issue, or just some?

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