App stopped working on ipad

My app stopped working on my ipad. It’s been working for well over a year.

When I open the app on my ipad, the orange glide screen appears, then the screen goes white and stalls. So I deleted the app and sent myself a link. In the email there is an “open app” button. When I press this, my browser opens, the app shows up in a phone mockup for few seconds then the browser goes white and stalls.

I searched the forum, but didn’t see anything like this. My ipad is several years old, all my other apps are working fine. It has ios 12.5.6, which I know is not the latest, but my ipad isn’t new enough for the latest versions.

My app is still working just fine on my android phone.

Any suggestions?

Any thoughts on this?

I would say it might have something to do with the OS version. Have you tried to open it in Chrome on your iPad?

Thanks for responding!

I just tried it in Chrome. This time it showed the phone mockup with my email address populated, I received an pin and entered that (that didn’t happen before). It started loading, spinning circle, then the screen went blank and it stopped. I then hit the refresh and it started loading for just a second then the screen went blank/white once again.

I thought perhaps it Is related to memory or storage. But I’ve been using it for well over a year and it hasn’t grown very much. It just stopped working. I don’t know if an os upgrade happened, but because I’ve got an older ipad, any updates are minor because it’s not eligible for current releases.

Still stumped.

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If it works on your Android phone but not the iPad, I think we can only point the reason to the OS version or your own device as you have stated above.

Hmmm, bummer.

Thanks for you help.

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