Glide not working on iPad - safari or any browser

Hi, am having trouble loading the app on my ipad. doesn’t seem to load in safari, chrome or any other apps.

I am trying on a A1430 on the iPad (3rd generation) have tried on a newer iPad too but same issue.

When loading the app I get a blank white page - no text or fail message on screen. The app works fine on mobile and desktop

how can I resolve this?

Could you share a link so we could test it?

It’s at least loading to the sign-in screen for me. My email doesn’t have access to the app so can’t test further.

Do you have any visibility conditions tied to date/time columns?

not for login but yes within app.

but interestingly it loaded the app for you. it doesn’t even load that screen for me. did you test on iPad itself or the browser?

I was testing on Arc Browser (Chromium) & Safari, both on MacOS. It shows the log in screen for me. I don’t have an iPad to test.

What’s the iOS version?

From iPad - Safari

is there a ios firmware support list?

yeah it works for desktop and mobile but cant seem to load on iPad.
the iPad is running 9.3.5 its an old iPad.

@Himaladin what ios firmware and device are you running?

My iPad spec is iPad 6th generation, IOS version 16.7;

The minimum requirements for the Glide application are version 15 or newer; Safari 11 or newer.

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that makes more sense. I will try on a newer iPad app again. it caused an issue before ran it on a much newer device but that could have not been up to date.

appreciate it

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Here’s the system requirements.

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Got it sorted thanks, everyone! :raised_hands:

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