Problems on Safari

Not sure how to replicate this, but I’ve had a few customers not able to build my Glide sites on Safari on their iPhone?
They get blank screens

Any Ideas what this could be? Here is the link

No problems here.
Safari on IOS 16.4

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Safari has problems loading some HTML. They did a recent update that fixed a few of them… but still not all. It might require refreshing or a longer wait for pages to load.

Also, check if you have some logic columns based on USC values… I noticed that safari often did not set them correctly on the first load. The quick fix is to have an if-else column to assign default values to USC columns… If USC is empty, then 0 or " " or FALSE


But what is “USC values” ?

User Specific Columns.
Your app doesn’t require sign in, and it loaded perfectly fine for me. So that’s a bit of a red herring, I think.

Safari on iOS 16.4, working as well.

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Made another app and other friends have also had the same problems?

iOS: iOS 12.5.7

Does it work on any newer versions of iOS? It’s working on mine, IOS 16.4.

Or does it work on any other browsers on that device?

I’ve gotten feedback from two iOS testers who had a lot of trouble accessing my app on Safari, but managed to get it to work on Chrome. I haven’t asked what iOS version they have. But seen as it was apparently a matter of browser, I’m not sure how much the iOS version actually matters here.

I’m keeping an eye on this thread. :eyes:

So Chrome works on that same device, but not Safari? Interesting.

Yeh seems to be users on Safari on iPhone 6

But when I google the iPhone 6 I get this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, it’s technically vintage :floppy_disk:

Glide says only iOS 11 or newer are supported. If they upgrade to iOS 11 (I believe they can upgrade all the way to iOS 13) then it should work.

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