Cannot open Glide in Safari and Chrome in IOS version 12.2

I have a customer o on IOS Version 12.2 and when they try to open the glide app all get is a blank screen like this:

I’ve cleared website data and still no luck. Other websites can be accessed…

Any suggestions?

Do you have any tab filtering in your App?
Are you using any Custom CSS?

Are you able to share the URL here so that we can help test?

Hi @Darren_Murphy - It seems to be only one person on an phoneXR IOS 12.2.


Okay, I just logged in from my iPhone 12 and I see the onboarding page.

So it seems that the answer to my question about tab filtering is yes - right?

At which point does your IOS user get a blank screen - is it before or after the onboarding step?

Also, again - are you using any custom CSS in the App?

Yes there is tab filtering. Blank screen is before the onboarding step. When he tries to open the app.

There is a small bit of custom CSS to create the leaderboards within the app.

Okay… apologies for all the questions, just trying to eliminate any obvious possible causes.

If the same user tests with a different device, does it work as expected?

Yes works fine on a desktop

For further context @Darren_Murphy:

Does this first, no sign in page then goes blank. Sometimes flashes some blue across the top as it goes blank like it’s trying to load but never does.

Again tried on a desktop and works fine. Just an iphone issue it appears.

Does it work on newer iOS versions?

yes. I have 15.6.1 and works fine. This particular person say he does not want to upgrade his IOS.

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Welp, there might be issues with old iOS versions. I have a user from weeks ago reporting they can’t open my Page on iOS 12, and they also don’t want to upgrade.

It appears my case has confirmed this.

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