It has been three days since Glide applications can’t be opened from an iPhone … They can only be opened from a computer or tablet.
Can you help me please ?

Hola @Lasseube_Handball

Could you share your app link with us?

I’ve had a few users report similar behaviour. App opens to white screen. I’m trying to narrow it down to a version of iOS being the culprit, but I’m waiting for some of the users to come see me so I can check their devices. I do know that some are on iOS 15, but some are still as low as 14.7.

@SantiagoPerez do you know if Glide is aware of any versions of iOS that are currently causing issues like this?

Hola @shchc

Engineering is investigating. Thanks for the reports.

If you can tell us the iOS versions that’ll help us narrow it down.


Once I know the version of the device that is not working, I’ll send it.

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Hola everyone!

Engineering is working on a fix for this. It’ll be ready on the next hours. Please, let us know if this continue to happen.

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Eu relatei também a equipe do Glide. Estou esperançoso que possam corrigir o mais rápido possível.

Aqui pelo menos os clientes relataram ser abaixo da versão iOS 14.