App not opening on iPad

I tried opening my Pro app on iPad on both Safari as well as Chrome but it isn’t opening

Can you give close up of what displays on the page. I also saw this error but only once, yesterday. I haven’t seen it again so I hadn’t reported…

It says “could not load network resources”


Thanks, I’m going to keep an eye out for this too. It happened to me yesterday but reloaded and the app appeared. I was not on tablet/mobile, I was on desktop when it happened.

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@Mark Can you check this? The problem still persists.

What’s the app?

any update on this? @Mark

@Manan_Mehta I can’t reproduce this.

Where are you located?

Does that happen just with this app, or with any Glide app?

I am in Mumbai, India. It’s happening with all apps but it happens with certain models of iPad only. Is it because my iPad is old?

What version of iOS are you running?

iOS 9.3.5

Sorry, we don’t support iOS older than 12.


@Mark , this is good to know. Is it in the Glide library somewhere? I may have missed it. I’d like to be able let my enterprise customers know right up front what is and isn’t supported in terms of operating systems, browsers, devices, etc. Thanks!

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