I just installed my app on iPad ... not full screen

Why when on ipad the app doesn’t go fullscreen? I know its a phone app but thought it might get larger on ipad.

It’s been a request for awhile. For now Glide is only adapted for phone screens. I think it’s all reliant on the pixel width of the screen and the user agent of the browser.

I tried to run Glide App on iPad2 and iPad3 using Safari or Chrome, but I get a white fulll page, any idea from where it may come ? I didn’t find anything in parameter setting. Thank for your advice.

So you are not getting your app to show at all on the ipad?

Yes absolutely nothing ! the downloaded page is full white with folowing messsage “Could not load network resources”. I guess it’s probably a configuration parameter on iPaD to modify but I don’t know which one. Changing DNS on iPaD does solve the problem.


Yeah, I’m guessing it’s a network issue with your internet. If you have a link, we could confirm.

Which link do you mean, all other url are well working !

the link of the app you are trying to view.

The URL is https://xxxx.glideapp.io where xxxx is the application name.

In fact the behaviour is the following. The page seems downloading, icon of the App appears in the Chrome browser sheet, but it stops (white page) with following message :
“Could not load network resources” for Chrome
or “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found”.

Of course it works for any other URL.
I changed the DNS with (Google.com) but this doesn’t change anything.
In my case, it’s IPad2 &iPad3, do you think this could be the explanation, means too old iPad ?

Well, I still don’t know the URL to the app you are trying to view, so there’s nothing I can personally help with. You’d have to ask Glide and even then they usually ask for the url of the app.


Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply, I didn’t communicate the URL simply because App is not yet public.
I think you found the explanation. Latest possible version of iOS/Safari running on iPad2/3 is iOS9 and Glide requirement is iOS11 (or newer). I tried with Chrome, Firefox and Google on iPad2/3 and the result is the same (white page downloaded), means restriction comes from iOS-iPad compatibility.

Referring to my post of April 11, sorry for mistyping that may lead to misunderstanding,
I wanted to say “Changing DNS on iPaD doesN’T solve the problem”.