🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

On increasing Rows per Project, it is on the roadmap to increase the limit beyond 25,000

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The “See Enterprise” wording under the Business plan is confusing. I’m reading it like “If you want this, go pay for Enterprise.”, but in that case, it would just be a “-” like other items that aren’t included… right?

I am prone to missing obvious things, so if this is super obvious, please do let me know. :crazy_face:

so we can increase the row limit?
what is the data row upgrade apart from the business class package
or better choose enterprise package

*sorry if i don’t understand english

I have friends who own 10, 12, 17,000 lines.
Since these lines are the result of an offer by Glide to, let’s say, remunerate, wouldn’t the gliders to publicize the platform be the case that whoever had more than 5,000 would keep them since it does not represent harm to the platform and would it also be a way to do justice?
I believe that within an update like the one that is happening there could also be adjustments.

It was simply included because if you are looking at the “Individuals & Starters” tab, you wouldn’t be able to see that Single Sign-on is included on Enterprise

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Currently, you cannot have more than 25,000 Rows per Project on any plan including Enterprise, but we are planning to increase the rows you can connect to Glide projects in the future

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I hope glide can consider for business and enterprise packages. I think the data will be very large and growing.
thanks for the answer

That’s the bit of obvious info that I was looking for. Thanks!

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This is per month right?

Same user login multiple times in a month count as 1 ?


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That’s definitely amazing! Love it! Now I can understand and see the power of Glide to reach the tagline of billions of users! Happy to part of it with you guys! :heart:


Another question,

I have not seen it mentioned anywhere and I do apologize in advance if I have missed it but I would like to find out regarding the location component. Is it available for all team plans and is there any restrictions in terms of use e.g. 1000 locations pins display for the Old Pro version…

Side note:
Am really excited about the “Unlimited Apps and Pages” offering for the new Pro although I will probably start with starter package and then just grow and scale from there…


Hey, Luther!

Let me double-check the details with our team, but, if I recall correctly, you can expect the Map Pins quotas to stay about the same

It is available on all plans, but the Free team plan has a smaller quota than what you get on Starter, Pro, and Business team plans. The quota amounts are similar to how many you get on a Free App or Page and a Pro App or Page, depending on your team plan.


Thank you for clarifying…

Thanks for the new pricing.
Since I’m comming from the AppSheet platform, this is both, a similar schema and a better one.
Thanks again


What is how can it be used 53,7GB of file storage?

Congratulations and thanks for the new pricing. But I have a problem with the number of public users connected per month.
Because Glide haven’t an advanced search filter, nor does it allow caching of data to the user’s device, we are forced to create custom filters that require the user to log in to save their choices.

For example, we have a listing app for several countries, and we would like the user to see only the listings from his country.
Typically, we get 50,000 users connected per month. And apparently, no new plan suits us.

What to do when it’s just for the search filters that people connect?

Is the user’s location the only thing that you’re using a login process for? And the purpose is simply to save that user’s location for the next time they log in?

There may be a way to do this with a user-specific column to either manually select a location from a list when a user opens the app, or possibly capture the user’s general location (likely country level) through a Plugin that looks at the location of their IP address — I think I remember seeing someone create this a while back.

Will DM you to get more details

I just started <30d and have moved from FREE to Pro App (Private) [$40] because ROW limits made it hard to do real-world testing plus I needed icons (silly to pay $28/mo for this).

I am about to show the APP to some potential customers with a new set of data (they have seen the mocked up data) which is about 5x the mock/test data (I est. from 1,500 rows to 8,000 ish).

Currently I need to buy another $40 Pro App plan to demo…and under this plan it is $99 with the benefit that I can then another data set for a second prospect (which would have been another $40) but is free under the new plan.

Also, I have not seen how to go from a dev/test environment to a production (incorporating changes from one app into another version/different app). Is there a way to sync ‘multiple’ apps across dev/test/deploy?


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