Missing fatal features

Please, may i know the follows:

When glide pages will have a search as you type choice component?

When we will be able to bypass the 25k rows which cause a real limitation to the apps we are building.

Those key features is a real concern to many of us.

Kindly, provide us with at least an outline time frame to except them live.

Thank you

Hi @Hani_Ibrahim,

Until Glide Team add this feature this may help here! : Search Choice in Pages workaround - Google Drive

Not sure when! But it will be available soon! : 🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st - #31 by DJP

Hope Glide Team will add these features soon! :smiley:

Thank you

Really Thank you for your respected reply.

i Really Love Glide and how fast it is. but this major functionality and limitation are a real obstacles on the way.

Again Thank you

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