Glide Pages limited number of choices

Hello, Gliders,

I am creating a Glide Pages form. I have a couple of Choice Insert Components.

Under options, I am allowed to select, “Limit number of items” and then indicate the total number of choices to choose from.

When the “Limit number of items” box is UNCHECKED (which I assume should be limitless), the field to indicate the numbers is grayed out but by default it says “10.”

I can’t get more than 10 choices to appear in the choice pull-down list.

  • With the “limit” box unchecked, I only have 10 choices.
  • I checked the “limit” box and changed the number to 20–I still only have 10.

Can someone suggest what I am doing wrong?

May sound silly, but just to check—there are more than 10 choices to pick from and the choice component isn’t being filtered, correct?

A couple more things to check:

Are you using the Display As setting for the choice? If you are, or even if you are not, is the underlying Value duplicated on any of your choice rows? I believe Glide will only show unique choices and eliminate any duplicates if the underlying Value is the same for more than one of your choices.

This might seem obvious, but are you attempting to scroll the list of choices to see if the rest are off screen?

Thank you @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager. For several reasons as I’m learning Glide Pages, I have started from scratch. If I have the same problem later today as I rebuild, I’ll check area you mention and update you.

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OK…my problem is at the very beginning…

I have a Glide App called Festival Chasers. It has been published for a couple of months and is working perfectly so I know that I don’t have blank rows, empty cells, or anything like that in the Google Sheet causing a problem.

I am now trying to build a Glide Pages companion administrative portal. All I have done is select new project and pointed it to the same Google Sheet as the app. I haven’t done any design work other than what the Glide Pages did itself upon creating the project.

But this is happening to the data BEFORE starting any design work.


What on earth could be causing this. @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager I welcome and am not offended by your, “this may sound silly but…” suggestions. If it is something that obvious/simple, that at least would be a teachable moment.

Looking for suggestions from anyone who wants to jump in.

I can’t wait for Glide to develop more in-depth documentation for Pages or for the many talented expert/youtubers to expand their Glide Pages content.


Is your page still on a free plan? There’s a 100 row limit for free pages. Still doesn’t quite make sense since it comes out to 130 rows, but maybe glide allows for a 10 row minimum exception for each table and trims the other tables that exceed that???

Glide Apps usually show all rows in the data editor, but maybe glide pages only show a limited amount. I’m not really sure. I still haven’t delved into glide pages yet. That would be my initial guess if you are still on a free plan.

Well! That’s a great big “Duh!” that never occurred to me. I had never looked at Pages pricing.

It makes perfect sense that sheets 1 and 3 equal 100 rows but Glide allowed the 10 rows on other sheets so those tabs could exist. Looking at the pricing structure, Glide Pages won’t work for me. I’ll have many more than 20 users. I can’t imagine why the Pages pricing structure doesn’t mirror the App pricing structure.

I wanted event managers to be able to mange their events on computer screen and keyboard rather than typing with their thumbs on a phone. Guess I’ll have to encourage them to manage their event listings using the Glide App on desktop. Back to the drawing board to build my forms on Glide Apps. VERY SAD!!!

Thanks for taking the time to help.

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Are you aware that a Glide App can be installed as a desktop app via Chrome?

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Yes and that’s what I’ll be working on this weekend. Glide’s promotional video introducing Pages used as an example an “out in the field” app with a companion “administrative” Page for different functions, layouts, etc. That’s what I was hoping to build. I feel that App is a little clumsy for large data entry forms but now I’ll just build it that way and market the many event managers interested in listing their events on Festival Chasers to simply use the App on desktop.