Limit Choice button selection

How to limit number of choices to be picked in choice component in glide app?

Is it an App project or a Page project? Page projects will let you set a maximum number of choices.


App Project. I can’t find this max choices option

Right. As I alluded to in my prior post, that option is only available in Page projects.


Is there any way to limit the selection?

None that I can think of other than to switch a Page project.

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I’ve used a trick: switching the visibility between a choice component and an inline-list if the limit has been reached. Whereas in the inline-list which displays the results of the user’s choice, an action is given to delete/cancel the previous selection. Maybe this will help.


Can you further elaborate

After setting what is shown in the image, all you have to do is make visibility settings that are different from the inline list and the choice of components to the limits you want.

Thanks a lot!

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He has a native form from what I believe. This condition can only work on a custom form.

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Yes you are right. This only works for custom forms like the ones I mentioned above which require deselecting action.