Bug "limit number of items" choice component


The choice component has also a “limit number of items” option.

If you have 10 rows and you set this option to 3 , only 3 will be displayed in app.

This is not working right now.
I filled a support form earlier with support link.

Thanks for your help
and have a nice day.

What’s not working right? That is how that feature is supposed to work. If you limit the choices list to 3, then that limits the list of displayed items in the choice list to 3. This is just like an inline list where you can limit the number of items that are displayed in a list. This has nothing to do with limiting how many choices can be selected at the same time. There currently is not a feature that will prevent you from selecting more than 3 choices.

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Old photo component

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Sorry, I misunderstood the problem. I think I understand now. So you are saying that when you set a limit of 3 items it is still showing more than 3, correct? Do you have the same problem with any of the other choice styles?

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I just tested this scenario in my app and it works correctly.

I have 4 items in my list and I tried all the styles and limited numbers to 1,2,3,4 (and for fun 5 and 6) and it worked correctly with each style and limit amount.

Have your tried changing the limit number and seeing what the results are (1,2,3,4,5…)?

BTW, I have no idea what version of the builder I am using…

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Should be fixed. Thank you for reporting!


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