Adding & Editing Not Appearing

I don’t know if it’s just me using the chrome browser

when i am editing in glide the add option even checked it is not appearing in my app nor the delete option

I don’t know what the screen says but it looks like you have no data. The add only works when you are in some kind of list view, not details. In details if you have editing enabled you would see the small pencil icon. The + button you only see when you are looking at a list of items.

Even with an item to edit the option does not appear nor the option to add new record

Do you have any rows with data? Show us a screen shot where you have a LIST of data

and this is happening in every app I have on glide

I want to see a screenshot in the development environment something like these two images:

Have you restarted the browser?

It´s happening with me too.

I´m using this app for a while. There is no reason for this. Add and Edit button is not appearing.

Looks like a bug to me then. @Jason Maybe you can help here? or @david

make the next va in your spreadsheet transfer everything to a new one and create a new app from it in my worked options popped up all my apps

For it´s not an option because there is people using. And they are waiting this resolution. :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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pois o meu eu fiz uma copia da planilha com problema e resolvou todos os meus usuarios estao com a opção editar o aplicativo e o mesmo nao muda pelo menos pra mim ta ok agora levei um susto

I did a copy of this app to test and the issue persists in the new copied app with a new copied sheet.

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I struggled with this the whole afternoon. It seems to happen when you make changes to the google worksheets: creating new sheet or renaming. exisiting…
hope it will be fixed soon

Yes, I created a new sheet today in this worksheet source of this app. I have other apps and all of them are OK, just this app with this worksheet that I created a new tab sheet is presenting this issue. Is it permanent? How did you solve it?

I did not solve it unfortunately. I also recreated an app from scratch, and it worked, but after adding an additional tab, all “add” and “edit” features disappeared. together with the input components.

infelismente o erro persiste quando vc clia uma coluna nova fiz o teste e esta dando o erro novamnete apos cliar uma coluna nova as opções nao aparecem

This is clearly a bug. @david @Jason

Hey man, change your subject to “Add/Edit button disappeared”. Put a tag of Bug. Thanks!

Suffering from the same issue in one of my apps