My app keeps losing Add Capability

Even though the Allow Users to Add is on the + symbol disappears from the app

Its like the permissions have changed on the tab that’s being added to in Google Sheet and it can no long add items. Anyone else experience this??

There is people with this issue here, include me: Problemas no site glide

The app keeps losing its Special Conditions and in cant add them back :confused:

I have the same issue, looks like a much wider Glide issue I believe.

@david is the glide team looking into this by any chance?

We are all working on it now, a few people have reported it.

This should be fixed now:

It works. Thank you so much. Was this something on the app side that cause it or on Google Sheets side? And a disconnect or a permission issue, etc?

I have tried to dup the sheet and the app both. I am still unable to get the add/edit back to my app.

Big problem for a client. Add sign keeps disappearing.

Could you please share the app for which this keeps happening, and could you make a video of it?

Is this still a problem for you?

Stopped last night and + appeared. Will advise if issue returns @Mark