New interface problem

Hello, I have a problem with the new interface, the sheet is changed and it won’t let me edit it. I find it very good that Glide’s functionalities are modified and improved, but for people who do not work making applications but do it for their own business, learning again each time or every time to use another interface and finding these things is difficult. . I use Glide for my business, I don’t have the time to learn how to use the new interface or so many modifications each time.


Can you explain what you mean by “sheet” in the context of your video?
I’ve watched it a couple of times, but I’m struggling to understand exactly what isn’t working for you.
Are you trying to rename your tabs? (that should work)

I think that’s a bug that’s been highlighted in the post below. I’m guessing it stems from trying to edit a side menu tab (which is an overlay) and it’s reverting to the underlying tab. I definitely wouldn’t call this a feature and I’m sure the Glide team is aware and working on it. If you move your tab outside of the the side menu, can you edit it there without it jumping to another tab?


Yes. This is what I’ve been forced to do until Glide fixes this bug. @Jason is well aware of it.


i have same issue too!

Hello, thanks for the answers, if that is the problem I could not explain it better, but you have more knowledge, hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks a lot

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Please allow us to use the old design editor until bugs fixed in the new one, because right now I cannot do work that I need to do.

There is no way to provide users to add (+) a form.

I have limited time to do glide work, and I’ve wasted a bunch of time trying to do this basic function

You can’t have an Add button on a Details layout. It’s always been that way. You can only have that on one of the List layouts. Otherwise you can add a form button to add new rows of data.

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No, it’s not there. I tried every layout possible, the screenshot I took just happens to be the last layout I tried.

This screenshot is of one where I had the Add Form enabled in the old designer, no option to add/remove that on the same tab in the new designer.

Try this joe. Create a new tab. Pick any sheet. Select List layout. Afterwards, look at the left hand panel and you’ll see one component, an inline list. Click on it and you should now see on the right hand panel a “Add Form” tab.


That’s correct in the screenshot…select the inline list on the left first.


It’s a bit of an extra step since the old version of Glide, but it’s because they plan on letting you do more with that space. It was hinted in the promo video at 2:45


ok, it’s there…thanks Robert


I’m still getting used to this new interface as well.

So the only way to enable users to add an item is on a separate tab? Since it’s not a detail view then it must have an inline list displayed?

How do I enable users to delete an item?


Adding is now always controlled on the List component, on the left. It does not need to be a Details screen.

Right I guess I was really asking if you can add a new item form on a tab all by itself? Sounds like no.

And I just found the delete button during editing.

If you’re on a non-details view, you will find a section that has an “inline list” on the left. Click on it, look to the right, you will see an “Add form” option. Enable that and you can let users add new items using the add button on the top right.