"New" Glider

Hello Gliders, i am Jose Ferro from PERU , started working with no code last year, and from the very beginning fell in love with Glide. Got i guess experience developing apps for cellphone , but now , since the new Glide APP appear , which i find good to consolidate Cell “apps” with desktop “apps” , now its a headache to me , because , when trying to develop new apps ( and try to avoid using “classic” apps" ) i dont find the things where they used to be. Besides , when i try to learn about the new app, all references in Youtube basically are for the “classic” Glide. Is there any place where i can find detailed information of how to deal with the new features. For instance on thing that i cannot solve , as easy as it might sound, is to open the navigation pane to see the list of all my TABS. I mean



I can add many TABS, but i cannot see them listed below the navigation title. I have clicked / double clicked, left clicked “Navigation” and the “>” to no avail.

Thank you for your support

Yes, that’s a bug.
The workaround for now is as follows:

  • Click it once
  • Navigate to the Data Editor view
  • Navigate back to the Layout view
    Then you should see your tabs.

Thank you Darren, it worked like a charm!!

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