New g-sheets not visible to create a new tab

Hi, what a great service! I am really new to Glide and starting to build something to see its feasibility before moving any further.

I have come across a simple issue in that I have added new tabs to my g-sheet, its been well over 10mins and can not see them in the builder to be able to create new tabs.

I did delete one that was linked to a Menu tab which I was playing around to see how it looked using the Menu feature, but I don’t believe that would be the issue.

any ideas?

When you view the Tabs configuration, do you see a blue plus button in the upper right?

Also, these videos show how to do this:

We open a video explaining how to add Tabs the first time you visit the Tabs section. Did you see this? Or was it confusing?

Also, empty tabs are not detected by Glide — make sure you have some data in them first.

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yes! thanks for the prompt reply, I was responding to your earlier message and figured out that my tabs were empty, as soon as I added some data I could see them in the builder.

really appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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