Problem to appear a new tab on glide template


on my google sheet ‘Personal Budget’

i have already 3 tabs :

  • Items
  • Categories

i woud like to add a new one, so i added a new one on my google sheet ‘Personal Budget’ but when i go to to my Glide template on General/Sources : i find only: Overview, Items, Categories but not the new one i created

how can i resolved this problem ?



Do you at least have headings in your new table, or is it completely empty?

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thanks for your answer
im really beginner,
actually i just dupplicated a tab (categories) and renammed so normaaly i should see 4 tabs but i see only 3 tabs

OK, but I’ll ask again. Is there data or at least headings in that new tab? Or is it an empty table? If it’s completely empty, it will not show up in glide.


Just trying to read between the lines here…

I’m guessing that you’ve duplicated a sheet in your Google Sheet, and you’re expecting that to automatically appear as a new tab in your Glide App.

That won’t happen. If you go to the Glide Data Editor, you should see your new sheet represented as a table (if you don’t, then try resyncing your Google Sheet). But if you want to use it as a new tab in your app then you need to create one and set it as the source.


hey, thanks i find the solution, i went to DATA, Data sources and i replace by the same sheet modified and my new tab appear …

If it worked, then I will assume that you already did have data in the new sheet tab. It was important to clarify that before moving on to the next debug step.

The next step I would have suggested would have been to just click the database refresh button to refresh your database. Free apps will not refresh automatically, unless the data is changed. Clicking the refresh button would have probably been the only thing you needed to do.

There is no reason that you should have to replace the database with itself just to get it to load a new sheet tab.