Added Sheet doesn't appear in Editor

I need help please
I add a sheet filled with data in google sheet but it does not appear in my application


Please change your topic title, this will not help us give you an appropriate answer.


Then you may also want to visit this topic to tell us more about your issue :

Thanks for your help !

About your google sheet, have you tried to update it by selecting the tables at the top of your screen ? This may help.

I just manage in English … I started with glide yesterday and I still have a hard time understanding. I’m creating a family budget management application, I started with a template, I was able to modify some data to suit my need, I created another tab where I put my data but nothing appears in the application.

I changed the title accordingly.

Please include some screenshots and tell us if you have refreshed your app.

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Budget familial · Glide (…Link to my app

Can you specify what doesn’t show up here?

The resource sheet was created in google sheet it doesn’t appear in the tabs on my phone screen.
I have four tabs in my sheets and just three tabs in the viewing screen

the “resources” sheet

yes I refreshed the app.

Glide to the app

You need to Add a new tab. Look near the top-left of the screen, when in Layout view.

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 6.38.39 PM

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As Darren noted above, the Sheets you added will automatically be added to your data view, but not as a new tab. If you want any new tabs, you would have to add it yourself.

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Thank you… All right