New Tabs Not Working or Showing Up


I added two new tabs. For one only details shows up as an option for style, nothing else. When I try to add a component, nothing happens.
See below:

For the other it doesn’t even come up as an option to source data from…anywhere.


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Have you added any data to the sheet? We need to have at least a header for it to be read into Glide.

Ah yes! that was the solution for the tab not showing up at all.

But this one is still giving me issues in how it is displayed and components not working.
This sheet has headers, no data below that because its a user specific sheet.

Add a column that doesn’t contain anything in the sheets to see if other options show up for you. You don’t use it in the app anyway.


@Jen_NYCP oh yes… add one text column(not user specific) and add dummy data will solve this.

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Ahh that worked :smiley:

Thank you!


My bad. I suppose might have slipped off my head.

@ThinhDinh Kudos :medal_sports: