Not adding new tab

My app’s URL:

I added a tab to my worksheet, and the builder doesn’t show it. I went to add it under tabs, but it’s not on the list of available sources. I went to the data sheet, and clicked refresh sheet - the tab appeared for a second at the bottom, then disappeared.

Any ideas?

Unplug it and plug it back in.

Nope. Deleted it, added new, & refreshed sheet.The tab shows at the bottom for a second then disappears again. I should record it.

Try refreshing the browser, restarting it, restarting the computer. Just trying to eliminate a caching issue.

Did all that too. BUT - the threat of being recorded has suddenly made it work. :grinning:

Ha, you’re welcome. I seem to have that affect at work too. Things start to work when someone is showing me the problem. :wink:

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Yup, your kid’s arm quits hurting the minute you get to the doctor.

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You had some data in the new sheet, I assume? At least a header row?

I did, yes.