Houston, we have problems!

Dear all,

Few problems discovered in the last 2 hours :

  • 2 new tabs added in my sheet. I was able to add them in my app after more than 10 data refresh.

  • I have a template and a if/then/else columns in the data editor for one of my tab : impossible to use these special columns to populate basic and rich text components. Wtf ?

I have seen that some changes are being deployed sin e few minutes (a template menu at the bottom left), are these bugs linked to the ongoing Glide upgrade?

Many thanks for your feedback!

All problems disappeared now. Strange…

Houston, you can come back to home. Take care!

We’ll deploy a fix for the first problem (sheets not appearing in Glide) shortly.

The second one is very odd. If that ever happens again, could you please record a video?

No, it was at that moment, I don’t experience it anymore.

My laptop is very slow, I wonder if the problem is not due to low performances on my side.