How do I populate content for Menu Bar in the top left?

HI, I am new to Glide Apps. I am creating an app and only the tabs at the bottom appear. I can’t seem to connect the spreadsheet to the tabs on the left. Where does that content populate from? In other words, where in the spreadsheet can I get content for the hidden tab bar top left?

Go to the tab editing screen. There you can drag the tabs wherever you want them to be.

HI Jeff,
Thanks. When I drag the tabs to the lower area, which is the menu, I lose the ability to add the content in my google sheets. I only see the sheets for the tabs.

Where in the sheets do I put the content for the Menu Items?

I’m not sure I understand. Each app tab is attached to a spreadsheet tab. Regardless if you place the tab in the menu or the bottom of the app, they function the same. There is nothing special you need to configure in the Google sheet. The menu is just tabs.

Did you add new sheets that aren’t showing up? You need to add new tabs for each new sheet if that’s the case.

Hi Jeff.
yes, that is the problem. I have a number of sheets that aren’t showing up. I can’t add them to the menu bar tabs. It’s not an option and I’m not sure why. Trying to reload the sheet up now

Yes, try the reload to make sure glide has the latest updates from your sheet. Also make sure your sheets at least have headings in them. Otherwise glide won’t see empty sheets.

Also, like I said. You have to add the new tabs yourself. Glide won’t automatically create them for you once you’ve already started developing the app.