Edit not working? Blank screen?

Trying to edit an entry via glide, when selecting the edit icon (below) I just get a blank screen? Just me?image


It works fine on my side…

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Thanks for checking, hmm :thinking: need to work out why…have reloaded and still having issues only affects one inline list not others

Do you have components on your edit screen?

Like what?

Anything. Just trying to rule out an edit screen that doesn’t have any components on it. Do you see any components on the right hand side of the builder window? Do you have any visibility conditions set on any of the components?

I was about to post the same thing just now.
For me, there’s two (pre-existing) tabs that I have, which won’t allow me to edit. I made a new tab a bit ago today, and it’s working fine, but the others won’t work. Just click and then browser window just goes to totally white(can still see bookmarks/address bar,etc. Refresh, and the app editor reloads.
Tried using a different device—still happens. Tried clearing cache since before started using glide—still happens.


Thanks, will need to play around with it when I’m back on desktop. Will report back tomorrow. Cheers :beers: something definitely gone wrong somewhere. Confused :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I cleared cache and reloaded too. Glad it’s not just me breaking things :slight_smile: the screen is complete blank, nothing at all appears

Could you share your app and point me to where the edit screen is, please?

I checked my main app and all edit screens appear to fine. Hopefully Mark will have an answer for you.

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Mark I will send you a message. Thanks

Error occurs when I’m both hit the pencil icon “in app” on the editor, and the edit button on the right side.
Let me know if you need anymore info.
Also, I duplicated my app and tried this in the duplicated app as well. Still does it.

Thanks for checking, I will get mark to take a look. :eyes:

Are you playing with div or any other html tags in rich text components in your edit screen?

Few weeks ago, I played with div tags to set font colors or background colors, and I succeeded in changing the background color of the whole app builder screen (sorry! :slight_smile: ). Our apps are web apps displayed in web page (the builder), so playing with html tags may or could have consequences (I guess that’s why these tags are not supported)

It would help if you’d share your app :wink:

No not doing this

Yeah same as mine, perhaps something to do with a lookup? Share you app with Mark he is a guru who will work it out for us

Sent you a private message with the link, Mark. Can’t share the app publicly.

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Please keep me updated cheers :beers: