Glide blanking

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For the past few days glide has been crashing and reloading. Screen blanking out then I have to reload. In other cases, blanking when components are added. Also features not working. This has been happening in at least 5 different accounts in the past few days.

You didn’t paste your app’s URL.

Does this happen when you’re in Glide working on the apps, or is it the apps that are blanking out?

Which features in particular didn’t work?

Could you make a video of Glide blanking when components are added?

Has anybody else experienced this? If so, do you know how to reproduce it?

its happening on the platform while building. it happened with multiple people at the same time on saturday. the visibility of buttons was not working as well. its working fine now but I had a whole 7 hour session building with other people and it was a constant issue.
Currently working on this app and the blanking begins again


What do you mean when you say “with multiple people”? Glide doesn’t support editing an app by multiple people simultaneously.

Would you mind uploading a video of this, please, including the button visibility issue?

Not multiple people on the same account. Multiple builder had this problem at the same time on their own accounts.

@Mark Recently, I often get kicked out of Glide Editor while adding Components and switching back and forth with Data editor and get a totally blank screen. To get back to the editor, I must choose the App again from the Dashboard (using Chrome & Windows 8 )

Yes. And then the system says the app is open in another device…

@Aj2666 Could you make a video of that happening, and sharing the app that happens with, please?

Sent you over DM. Thanks