Glide app disappeared

Hello, my name is Jenny. I’m new to Glide and am enjoying it so far. However, as I was working on my app, my rows seemed to appear greyed out (while still editable). Then, suddenly, my app disappeared and all I see is a grey screen. I try refreshing and it is the same blank screen. I’ll attach a couple of pictures.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I realize that it has to do with the fact that I had this same app open on another computer. When I went to that computer, it said I had to open it from the dashboard. When I go to the dashboard and click on my app, “Events”, it still gives me the blank screen.

It’s been a few hours since you posted your issue so hopefully it is resolved now.

If not, have you tried closing all of the tabs where Glide was running and reopening Glide?

Sometimes it’s recommended to clear the cache memory of your browser, but I’ve personally never had to do this. Usually reloading the tab fixes things.