App loads blank(white) screen and builder does not show up

My application appears to load once being launched, however only blank screen appears once the loading animation disappeared. Builder also does not show up either and users also have the same experience when opening my application via computer and iso devices. My application was made with Glide Page. The last thing I did was rerouting a relation column from a normal Glide table to match the text column in Gilde big table. The moment I click done, the screen went blank and builder also disappeared. Now it can no longer load anything after the loading animation has stopped. Please help, Glide masters.

I have tried:

  • Clearing all cache, cookies, sign out and re-sign in
  • Switching browser to launch the app
  • Deleting all empty rows and columns within the database of this app by accessing them via other apps that shares the same database
  • Duplicated app also shows the same problem as the original. Other apps are not affected.

Result : Nothing works.

my app support link: Glide

Have you tried duplicating the app? Might be worth a shot.

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I have tried duplicating the application but to no avail. Even the newly duplicated app has the same problem as the original app

same here and with my work account
builder not opening. clicking on the app (safari, chrome) triggers no action.

update: working now on chrome.

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Safari, Chrome, Edge nothing works yet for me

You may want to submit a support ticket.


Thank you @Eric_Penn I have submitted a ticket for this app. Hopefully, things can be solved or salvaged.

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@Eric_Penn do you happen to know how long does support usually take to reply email, ticket, or forum like this? Or do they ever? It’s been four days and there’s nothing from Glide team yet. If there’s no solutions, I’ll move on to recreating the entire app again. Business needs it.

@SantiagoPerez Can you check this case? Thank you!


Update: Initial support has been unsuccessful and the case has been escalated to the next level of support. However, it’s been several days of silence. Thus, I have rebuilt the entire application again in order to keep the business going. At this point, it’s a matter of integrity of support to keep finding a conclusion this problematic case.

My recommendation is to duplicate your applications every version of changes in order to prevent unexpected problem like this

Update: Although it’s has taken some time, my application is now working! Glide’s support team managed to solve the issue on the backend of things and that recovered my applications with all the data intact! Thank you everyone and Glide Team for helping me solving this issue.


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