Apps showing blank screen and builder not loading

We can’t load any of our apps and when I go to the builder I am getting a DNS error

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Keep tabs Here: Glide Status

same, my app is just showing white blank screen…:pensive:

Same here

Please include links to your apps if you’d like us to investigate.

Hi David, All of the apps are down its not a specific app

The builders are working though

Same here in India. I can login to app, then after blank screen.
Builder working fine.

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I have the same issue with one of my Apps. Completely blank screen after loading.

Behaviour is the same on desktop (Chrome) and mobile (IOS/Safari).
Support link: Glide
Replay of the behaviour:

cc @SantiagoPerez

@Darren_Murphy one of the apps or several? because all of ours are down

Also try to clear cache on other apps and see if they are working

For me, it’s only that one App that seems to be affected. Unfortunately it’s our main App.
Two others that I’ve tested seem to be fine.

The working apps are on the old computation, am I correct? and the down app is the pages version?

Maybe also worth pointing out.


Issue - Hamburger menus have reappeared on mobile. These were recently removed and replaced by tabs at bottom of the screen

When you open the hamburger menu it’s blank anyway on the live site

Even our apps are not working they are showing a blank screen.

hmm, I just found another (Pages) Project that exhibits the same behaviour. So I have one App Project and one Pages Project that go to a blank screen after loading.

And several other projects (both Apps & Pages) that are working normally.


Yup very weird I don’t think its a network behavior its seems like a front end bug because all the builders are working fine

mmm, I just had a look in a network console, and I don’t see any resources being loaded at all.
My guess is that it’s probably a cloudflare related issue :thinking: :man_shrugging:

Anyway, the correct folks have been tagged (both here and on Slack), and I’ve provided a replay, so hopefully that’ll be enough to track down the issue.

2 Likes on new starter team is same behavior.

Okay Guys I digged in and found there is an issue in the privacy or its a bug, but there is a workaround after comparing working apps VS down apps and found out the difference is the privacy in the working apps is the user login from from manually selected like the shot below

You need to have the same configuration as per the shot below to have the app working till Glide fixes it

You can select the same users table it won’t have an issue

Don’t forget to publish your app if you are manually publishing it

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@SantiagoPerez @david FYI