Apps showing blank screen and builder not loading

Thanks. It worked.

This solution has also worked for me.
My app is public and I had to use the “Publish” button to fix the error. :people_hugging:

Actually, I found that just re-publishing resolved the issue in both of my projects. It wasn’t necessary to adjust the privacy settings.

Thanks for the workaround :+1:

But, in glide status it’s all “green” working good, but i still have this issue …

We’ve performed a rollback and are now monitoring to see if this issue is resolved. Can anyone who was seeing the blank screen confirm whether they are still seeing it now? Thanks!

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Now normalized here

Great to hear, thank you!

Working as of 20 Minutes ago. Thank you. I did not want to try the “work around” because more than one app was involved and work around like that are just drudgery for the sake of it. Then you have to remember and go put it all back.