Add Options/Instructions with Stripe Purchase

Is it possible to add options for instructions to an order in Stripe. For example, my apps will place mobile orders for food trucks, but some of the food items will need options (no pickles, extra ketchup, etc) when placing the order. How can this be included when the guest places an order?

If it doesn’t affect the price you can simply add it as a description field for the item, if I recall right.

I will need the user to add this information themselves, their is already a item description.

Yeah, but are you using that description of the item as the “description” field in the Stripe cart?

Yes. I would like to include before or after contact information.

Seems like if you need it you must build your own cart then :frowning_face:


At this time, there is no customization of the stripe cart functionality. The only columns that you can kind of control are the product name, ID, and price. Description doesn’t come through to the app: sales sheet. You can join all kinds of info into the product name field or ID field, but you can’t use ‘glide only’ columns. Only columns from the sheet can be used for product name, ID, and price.

With that being said, what can be done to create a order that can have some input with the order?

Honestly, you would probably have to submit all purchases to another sheet using a form button (including any additional info). Then the user would have to view that list and click on a buy button for that list. That starts to get quite a bit more complicated. If you establish an order ID, then you can submit the order ID as part of the stripe purchase and then cross reference from the app:sales to the order (form response) sheet. Or you just include all of the info you need in the Product Name field and just use the app:sales sheet without the need to cross reference.

This falls in line with having to create your own cart. I haven’t personally done it, but there are several other people in the forum that have worked through all of this. You could start here and work through all of the other links and comments to get some ideas.