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Also works for me, and it’s a global value.

Yes, in fact there is an example I talked about in this post. I was originally incrementing a user-specifc column, and then switched to a global value. In both cases the incrementing was working fine.

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Thanks, OK, I’ll do some further testing to see if it’s working for my users now

I wrote to glide support and they solve the problem for me.

I got the same error. Did you manage to figure out what the problem is?

Hi Andrey .I’ve not tested this anymore. Since this is still in beta I expect this to be fixed along the way.

Honest question… are Actions known to be buggy? I ask because I’ve created a few that I consider to be fairly simple (clear columns in a couple different sheets, go back, etc), and they work sometimes and sometimes don’t. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that there are multiple action components firing that are hitting multiple sheets, but the results are very inconsistent.

Is this a common experience?


Can you please share a screenshot of a buggy action? And what is the buggy behavior?

One thing that we see a lot of, that we didn’t anticipate, is interleaving row updates with navigation (e.g. Go Back, Set a Value, Go Back, Go Back, Set a Value).


The buggy actions that I’m seeing are a combination of “set column in this sheet to clear some values” ; “set column in that sheet to update a user profile (through a relation)” , “link to screen to show the submission information”.

I’ve tried to rearrange the actions and sometimes it seems to help, but it’s hit or miss. I can understand some things needing to be done first, but clearing values shouldn’t need a specific order unless they’re passing to other screens first.

The frustrating thing is that I’ll make an action, try it and it will work… Then I’ll go try it again and it doesn’t fully execute (seems to ignore parts of it and only clears certain columns, not all the ones in the action). This behaviour makes the action unreliable when I’m trying to make it part of a “required” process.

Here’s a support link to my app: https://go.glideapps.com/support/c7f90b98-4c7f-4947-ba07-dc108f4959ad


@david Increment + Set Columns + Navigate to Tab + Show Notification +Play Sound does not work. It doesn’t do anything except show notification and play sound.

Also, are you guys planning on making the ‘Go Back’ action on edit and form screens to just close the screen? Instead of doing… nothing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It definitely seems like multi-level Actions have issues. I found an error in one of mine (was trying to clear a column that’s being generated from another value… so clearing it does nothing because it pops back up), but even after fixing that, I’m having similar experiences as @Pablo_books where an action with more than one step only seems to work some of the time. Under the right circumstances, these Actions DO work sometimes (I.e. app is first opened and I don’t do things too quickly in the app itself), but it’s very inconsistent.

Realllllly want Actions to be solid! I want to rely on them, but right now I don’t feel like I can.


Same here, It’s hard to rely on something that only works half of the time. I’d feel better if there was a definite date to when certain problems wil be fixed… @david?

On a positive note, made a really cool action that adds row (which already and automatically has a relation applied to it via user email) and then link to screen -> relation. Basically let’s you create a record and navigate to that record upon creation.


This reminds me, did you know that Excel is adding a LAMBDA function. You can now use it to create your own functions in Excel! Thats gonna be fun. The reason I mention this is if anyone has to import data from excel these LAMBDA functions can be set to setup your data before you import it.


This is exactly what one of my Actions is set up to do. Unfortunately, I need to combine it with a Clear column action and that seems to end up giving me mixed results overall (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t). I’m going to look at it again tomorrow and try to change my processes so that my Actions are only one level deep. Those all seem to work well, so I think I can do some redesigning to get my new template finished.

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If your still having issues with Glide actions you should visit my scripts page. I have scripts on there for this exact issue. they can clear columns or rows whenever you submit a form.

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Does “Set Column” work with user-specific columns or not? I know there was an issue clearing user-specific values, but I’m also having issues setting a user-specific column to an actual value.

It works, yes.

Thanks. I’ll review my Actions to make sure everything is configured properly.

In general, the actions I’ve created seem to be working really well including multi-step actions. The problem I’m facing is that periodically the “link to screen” will automatically change sheet, making me have to re-create it. Is this something anyone else has encountered?

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