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You show a zapier action. As of Friday the add row action didn’t have the user profile for some reason

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Oh my mistake, I attached the wrong screenshot there and not sure if I actually found it in production, but I saw Robert’s comments that they are working on it so hopefully it will be available soon.

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Not sure if it was the recent update to actions or me moving my app to an Org, but all my compound actions broke with one of them. I think it was the latter, as I am sure I have been testing since the update last week.

Try refreshing your browser and see if they come back. I’ve heard that can happen when copying apps and a browser refresh fixes it.

No change after the refresh, but thanks for coming back so quickly.

I resorted to rebuilding the buttons, which wasn’t a bad thing in the end as I added a new feature to the app whilst I was at it. Just hope I didn’t miss anything :slight_smile:



Oh my god - Show Edit would be revolutionary!!! I hate it when I need to tell my users they need to click a small icon that they never see - thanks Lucas!!


I vote for the ability to pre-write an e-mail message too

Testing new features and resources

Action to Like posts with Double Click is updated: Test it too!


AM facing an issue in compound actions from mobile but it works fine in builder, Add new row is not working

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The issue continues

Yes today it was working couple of hours ago now its not

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Oh no again :sob:

@JackVaughan @Robert_Petitto let’s try create a jingle with this new brand feature

Sounds in Actions