Compound Actions breaking

Compound actions keep breaking throughout my app. Losing lots of time and money going back and fixing them each time and rebuilding all the forms etc. Someone should look into this.

Take a look at this:

Basically its is this. Where an action was applied and breaks, instead of showing the layout properly, it is like its starting fresh will all the sheets elements listed as components like when you start a details view. Also buttons or form buttons where I added a sound effect stop working- wont trigger the action, so I have to remake the buttons anew. Common is a form button switches to a button and the out of the blue and the form must be rebuilt. When the sound effects were released, I went applied sound effects on all the buttons I could, around a 15-20. I have had to remake those buttons and their layouts numerous times now. I am giving up on the idea for now but in some place I need compound actions and I am not sure what to do now beside to wait for the bugs to be sorted out.! Here is an example when they breakScreen Shot 2020-12-10 at 2.22.25 PM|690x403

Should look like this:

Yes, I have seen that too- I made some <Back buttons, and when they break, they link to another tab. I am thinking the breaks and screw ups are occurring as I build out the app/add more tabs. Maybe somehow the actions are relying on an underlying structure of the whole app at the time of creation and when the app grows/structure changes, they can’t accommodate for this? Just a guess.


I had another complete screen linked from a compound action broken today. Had to rebuild the whole thing.

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Same thing (kinda) happened to me. I had a single action saying link to screen, and I decided to make it a compound action by link to screen & play sound - and I lost all of my data in the linked screen. It sucked. :expressionless:

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Yes that was the same error here. When I clicked the button it showed just “Error” while the compound action is still there.

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Sounds effects definitely have buggy issues. I was unwise to run and put sounds on all my buttons and form buttons. I will spend several days reformatting everything. Harsh.

Bizarre. Sound effects and notifications are literally the only things that are working for me 100% of the time

Well, it is not just those with sound effects. I am just making guesses really but I hope someone is taking a serious look at this…

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I too have notified Glide of compound actions glitching/breaking—namely it occurs when setting conditions within the compound action in tandem with a form or link to screen. Not sure what’s happening. I’ve just had to rebuild :frowning:


Just experienced this. It happened after I deleted an unused sheet from my Google Sheet (the Action was definitely not using this sheet, nor were any other parts of the app). Unfortunately, it means I have to rebuild a LOT of stuff because the Action was the start of a process. Ah well!


Yep, thats what my hunch is, adding new sheets may be a part of whats causing the issue…but I am just guessing.


Just happened to me again. It seems as though adding/removing sheets is the culprit for me. The link to screen action seems to be pointing to “spot” rather than a “value”. I’m not sure how else to explain it, but my link to screen action that WAS working, was going to sheet4 (of 5 possible sheets), for example. I recently added sheet6 and sheet7 — these were added directly after sheet3 (this happened because the “Add a Sheet” function in GSheets seems to add a new sheet next to the sheet you currently have selected) and now my link to screen action is pointing to sheet6 (the former “position” of sheet3).

Really hope this gets fixed to prevent it from happening to others. Please be warned — if using Actions, don’t (currently) add new sheets in the middle of your GSheet file — I don’t know for sure, but I think adding them to the end (after the last sheet) should be safe.

Quick note: I tried manually dragging my sheets to rearrange the order so it’s back to the way it was, and that doesn’t revert the problem.


@david @Mark

I spent today to finish the app, now when I set the last things… the action in my inline list broke again :clown_face:

Just happen to me again now and some of the members in community here in Brazil faced the same problem.

For the member and I are breaking with Link to Screen action.

Yesterday happened and I redid. Now, when I thought the app was ready to get some testers, I guess I’ll have to redo it again first.


@Lucas_Pires How exactly did it break? What was there before and after?

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Here you can see the action Link to screen for each item of the list

It’s in english in the screenshot and in portuguese in the action because in the screenshot the inline list shows an IF column related to what users choose as app language. But it doesnt affect the action because it’s fixed values in sheet

The first one was to Users sheet

This second one, seems not to be broken, but… That’s what appears when I click. Lost what I set up

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Yes, Level 10 disaster. Someone put out the fire, please…


Yep! This app in case is one of the best app I’ve already made in glide. Not most complex, but fully English/Portuguese , with no CSS code, as people know me here to use it in all apps, and using all the Security Rules encrypting emails and so…

I’m super excited to share it and see some people to test it, but I need it 100%

@mark, I guess I can’t get what I had did, right? Gotta know to start doing again